With S.F.T.C. Inc.'s inventory consist thousands of products imported from around the world and with over 25 years of exceptional customer service, you can rest assure that when you carry our products, that you are offering your customers the very best products available on the market backed with knowledgeable sales, product support, and customer service. Whether you are a small market or a national chain of supermarkets, S.F.T.C. Inc.'s committment to supporting our Distributors is what defines us. Regardless of the size of your business, you will only receive the very best service and products. We go the extra mile to learn about your specific business needs and our team will do our best to provide you only the very best products to better serve your customers. We succeed when we can help your business succeed.

At S.F.T.C. Inc., more than 25 years of business experience has sharpened our practices to enable us to succeed. With an advanced logistics system that is among one of the best, most efficient in the industry, S.F.T.C. Inc. can ship anywhere in the United States within the least amount of time. Simply put, S.F.T.C. Inc. is here to help your business grow by offering you the very selection of products at the very best prices.

To apply today for a S.F.T.C. Inc. Distributor, please click on the application link below. Download the form, complete it and email it to info@sunfatusa.com for an approval.